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A common belief states that it takes exactly 21 days to form a habit. Although the true habit-forming time will vary person-to-person, most people find that good habits stick the longer you stick to them. Want to solidify a healthy habit? Use technology to your advantage.

Here are six apps to track your habits, goals, and accountability — so you can reach your healthy goals.


Strides tracks habits – and anything else in your life. Track your water intake, net worth, how much you read, sleep and exercise. Track activities like making it to the gym or taking the dog for a run.

With reminders to keep you accountable, an elegant interface with lots of charts and graphs, it helps you easily stick to your goals and plans.



The appeal of Balanced is that it’s simpler than other tracking apps. The simplicity and ease of use keeps you coming back to use it daily.

Just because it’s simple doesn’t mean that it’s lacking in features. Set your own goals by times per day, week, or year, or try one of the 50 suggested activities if you’re looking for a something new.


Habit List

Habit List helps you stay motivated and stick to habits by tracking your streaks. It’s easy to focus on what’s coming up because the app only shows you what you need to do on that day.

View trends and track your progress with an overall view of your activities, and get notifications to stay on track. Flexible scheduling means you can choose specific days, non-specific days, or intervals.



Coach.me goes beyond what other apps provide by incorporating a real-life coach to help you accomplish your goals. It also brings in a community aspect – you can ask questions and receive motivation from the community.

It also incorporates traditional habit tracking by capturing the number of times you complete an activity and when.

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Way of Life

Way of life is a habit building app with visual charts that show you your habit streaks and your trends over time. As you input more data, you’ll be able to see how your habits fluctuate.

Custom reminders give you pushes to stay on track, and you can see if the changes you think you’re making are actually consistent.



Momentum’s goal is to increase your willpower to help you reach your goals. By scheduling your day and showing you streaks of progress, Momentum works with you until your habits become automatic.

With reminders and compatibility across Apple devices, it’s easy to start building your habits no matter where you are.


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