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As a linebacker for the Miami Dolphins, Jelani Jenkins understands high-pressure situations. To handle the stress that he faces on the field and in every day life, he turns to mindfulness and yoga to help him stay in the game and in the moment.

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Jelani Jenkins Talks Mindfulness & Yoga for Athletes

In this video, Jelani shares his personal experience using mindfulness and yoga as an elite athlete. Meditation has helped him stay in the present moment both in football and life. His practice has taught him three important lessons.

Breathe Through Stress

The field is intense — the crowds cheering other players out there ready to attack. Jelani has learned to tune all of the noise out, focus on his breath, and breathe through the stress. This way, the distractions can fade away, the fear can dissipate, so you can...

Focus on What's in Front of You

Being present means being able to look at what's right in front of you. Don't worry about what's about to happen, what might happen, or anything outside of your field of vision. As an athlete, you can't let worry cloud your focus.

Center Yourself

Practicing mindfulness and yoga can help you focus on the here-and-now. In Jelani's words, "I can stop worrying and be who I'm meant to be." His advice? Learn to center yourself. Get back to yourself at your core so you can play your best game. Always.


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