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Yoga for Men

Pre-Order Cobralite Shorts


Pre-Order Your Cobralite Shorts Today

We are gearing up for a new run of the best yoga shorts on Earth, the Cobralites.

And we’ve got three colors for you to choose from:

Phantom - A rich blue with a touch of purple, previously available only in our custom garment-dyed collection.

Cacao - A brand new color that’s rich and deep with hues of chestnut and chocolate

Graphite - Introduced recently on a few products, and now at your request, on the Cobralites.


Here’s how it works:

Order as many pairs in as many colors as you wish at hugely discounted prices. We’ll charge your card now, but you can cancel or change your order at any time until it ships.

Once the number of orders for any one color reaches the secret threshold, that color goes into production, and the shorts will be ship about 6 weeks later.

Easy, no? Let’s do it!


The best yoga shorts in the world.

You've never seen men's yoga shorts like the   Cobralite shorts from Bhujang Style.

Designed for supreme performance and unrivaled comfort, the Cobralites will transform your yoga practice, not to mention your gym routine, run, climb, ride, or any activity where you want flexibility, comfort, and style.

One of the things you'll instantly appreciate about these shorts is that they don't fall up (down) in your face when you're doing a handstand, downward dog, or other inversion. 

The Cobra shorts are made out of a proprietary blend of MicroModal, with just enough Lycra to give them the perfect flex. The fabric is amazingly comfortable and luxurious on the skin with a weight that makes you feel secure and extremely well-styled. 

Once you put them on, you won't want to take them off.



Our sizing is designed so that if you purchase a pair based on the size you would usually order, you'll get the classic Cobra fit: snug, but not tight, and ending above the knee, depending on the person. 

If you order one size up from what you normally might, you'll get a looser fit, but the drawstring will help keep them in place. If your thighs are super developed, you'll want to go at least one size up. Here's a general guide. 



Small 28-30
Medium 31-33
Large 34-36
XL 37-39
XXL 40-44


Worried about ordering the wrong size? Don't. Exhanges are free and easy. 

Made in the USA


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