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Hello, Bhujang Stylists!

Announcing the Pre-Order Sale for the new Graphite Cobra Pants and Cobra Slims.

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The pre-order sale of the Cobralite shorts and Orphic V’s in Phantom was a great success, so we are happy to announce that we are doing it again, but this time with the Cobra Pants and Cobra Slims, which we’ve been out of in many sizes for far too long. 

This time, though, we are doing them in Graphite, a dark grey that will play well with your entire wardrobe.

The Cobra Pants and Slims usually sell for $148, but if you order them during the pre-sale, you can get them for only $108. Once the pre-sale ends and the manufacturing is complete, then the price goes back up to $148.

You know that our clothes are made from super eco-friendly fabric in the USA, and this makes them more expensive, but we love to give our customers the chance to buy our clothing at reduced prices, and the pre-order format works great for that, but it’s not without its challenges.

Last time, our cut-and-sew in Philadelphia experienced a delay that was unavoidable, and we delivered the Cobralites much later than we had anticipated. This time, though, we have honed our approach, and we’re sure that delivery times are going to be cut way down, and you won’t have to wait for more than a month, and hopefully not longer than a few weeks.

The way it works is this: You order and pay for your clothes now (at super discounted prices). We make them and send them to you as soon as they’re finished. You are able to cancel your order at any time before they ship if you get tired of waiting. You’ll get a full refund to your original payment method, or a store credit, as you prefer.

Since we are ahead of the game this time, the pre-sale period won’t last long, so get your orders in now.

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