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Why Yoga Gear for Men?

October 04, 2012 2 Translation missing: en.blogs.article.read_time

We started Yoga Gear for Men for one simple reason: We wanted a quick and easy place to find yoga gear that was particularly suited for men.

If you've been following or participating in Yoga for the last few decades, you already know that the vast majority of yoga gear is aimed at women. The world of yoga gear is filled with great yoga clothes, mats, straps, and other accessories that work perfectly for a 5'2" 115-pound human. But if you are a 6'1' 200-pound man– or if you are shopping for one– you quickly discover that finding the appropriate gear means wading through pages and pages of items, and probably not finding much even after that.

This is why we have done the searching for you and why we stock gear that most other places won't. We carry extra large mats, extra long straps, seriously nice bags, and a host of other gear for men in a wide variety of colors. 

When you are in class using one of the loaner mats and both your head and your knees are sticking out over the ends of the mat, it's really easy to see why Manduka makes their extra-long mats. Likewise, when your hands are outside of the edges of your mat when you're in plank position because your shoulders are wider than the mat, you might start wondering about an extra wide yoga mat. Also, when you are in any pose where your knees are taking weight and your loaner mat is made out of 1/8" foam, you really start to appreciate a mat that was made to protect your joints and keep you practicing injury-free. 

Straps are another great example of how yoga gear that's made for a man can really be a huge benefit. We have a great video planned with one of our yoga teachers that incorporates a strap to help pull your shoulders back in a most blissful way, but if you're a man over 5'9" or so, don't try it with a standard issue strap. You'll be yearning for one of our 10' Manduka cotton straps, and you'll love us for turning you on to both the pose and the strap.

Since men represent a much smaller segment of the yoga gear buying population, it isn't worth it for the big players to stock much of this stuff, but we we love our little niche, and not only do we buy and keep the best gear at our warehouse, but we also sell it at the lowest possible prices. And of course we offer free shipping to anywhere in the continental US on orders of $125 and above, which means that our entire selection of Manduka Pro Limited Edition Yoga mats ship for free. 

We really want to continue being the best place on the interenet to find yoga gear that works for men, so if you know any any gear, clothes, or other yoga-related items that you think we should be selling, please let us know. 


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