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YfM and Bhujang Style Join Forces

February 22, 2015 1 Translation missing: en.blogs.article.read_time

YfM and Bhujang Style Join Forces

Ari in Cobra shortsIn mid-2014, the world’s largest men’s yoga community, Yoga for Men, joined forces with the only on-line source dedicated exclusively to men’s yoga gear, Yoga Gear for Men

Now, in early 2015, we are thrilled to announce that Yoga for Men is again being reborn, this time in conjunction with Bhujang Style, the most innovative brand of men’s yoga clothing.

The two entities were founded on the same commitment to the growth of men’s yoga, and they share same love of health, Earth, and freedom. Joining forces was as natural as the joining of breath and movement.

Bryon in Orphic V and Cobra ShortsBhujang Style’s groundbreaking Cobra pant and Cobra short have been the long-time top sellers in the Yoga for Men store, and the new Orphic V-Neck yoga shirt and Cobralite shorts are designed with the same innovative spirit. 

The new Yoga for Men serves to fill the needs of yogis everywhere by providing relevant and original content, as well as by continuing to create high-quality yoga products especially designed for men, made in the USA, and produced with care for environment and body.



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