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Meditation is one of the best things we can do for our body, mind, and spirit. Especially when it comes to achieving balance in one or all of the chakra centers, the art of meditating and visualizing is our greatest ally and tool. There are many methods for balancing and opening the energy centers. This meditation is aimed at moving through the chakras one at a time, allowing you the freedom to spend as much time as you want in any specific area. This gives you the power to customize your experience based on what you need in any given moment. We recommend moving through all the chakras the first few times. This will help you assess which ones need the most time and focus.

The Posture

You will find this pose extremely relaxing and restorative. Simply lie on a mat or blanket near enough to a wall that you can run your feet up it. The posture is called legs-up-the wall, and is achieved by lying in a sitting position, as if the wall is the floor and the floor is the wall or back of the chair. Let your legs be at a near ninety degree angle, bring your arms out and up forming right angles at the elbows, as if they were goal posts, with your head in the center. Slide your shoulder blades down your back, relax your neck, letting your head go down and off to one side, if that is comfortable. Let your feet and legs relax completely against the wall. The feet may flop out to each side, as well.

The Meditation

Start at the root chakra, just below the anus, as it extends out between the legs. For this meditation, you may feel as if the root chakra is centered in one spot, since your feet are not currently connected. You can create a feeling of being connected by activating your feet and spreading your toes, as if you were standing up. Imagine the root chakra as a red, spinning ball of energy. Stay with it until you can sense it and imagine it very clearly. Once you have a detailed image of your body in your mind, as well as a sense of the root chakra as a red energy center starting below the anus and extending between the legs to the feet, move on.

The ideal balance allows creative energy to flow, as well as an embrace of one’s sensuality and sexuality, without being overwhelmed by it.

The next chakra is the sacral chakra. It is an orange, spinning light located at or near the sex organs. For women this is up near the uterus and ovaries, for men, it is right at the genitals or tip of the penis. The energy here is more than sexual desire, it is creativity and desire for pleasure and recognition. This chakra can be too blocked or too open. The ideal balance allows creative energy to flow, as well as an embrace of one's sensuality and sexuality, without being overwhelmed by it. As before, get a good picture of this chakra in your mind. Focus on making it a small, intense light, which blends with and touches, barely, the red light of the root chakra.

Again, spend as much time in any one area as you need, but work through all of the energy centers the first few times. When you have fully visualized your sacral center, move along the image of your body in your mind to the solar-plexus, right behind your naval. This is a yellow energy center and has to do with standing one's ground, healthy eating, and ambition. Blockages here can result in lack of direction, overeating, or general submissiveness. Work with the color yellow or gold to balance this area.

When you come to the heart center, picture a green, spinning light just behind the sternum, at the center of the chest. This can be very strong for some people, who immediately feel a heaviness or blockage here, or, instead, get a sense of bliss and love. If you feel the latter, you know this energy center is open and balanced. If you feel pained, sorrowful, wounded, fearful, or, nothing at all, it is very likely that you have issues with this chakra. Use your mental imagination to scrub away grime, and your internal eye to search out some of the causes of your hangups. When you have had enough, move on. We can come back to this area for more rigorous work, later.

For your throat chakra, work with the deep calm of indigo. The throat center is about truth speaking, kind words, and comprehension of spiritual words and knowledge. This chakra is also about expressing ourselves honestly, showing our true side and telling our true intentions. Let your minds eye imagine both a strong blue energy around the throat and in the ears. Set your intentions on honest, healthy, and loving communication as the best means to solve problems. Speaking is one of our most true and important forms of connection with other human beings.

The next energy center, the third eye is the place of psychic power, intuition, insight, and intellect. It is a spinning ball of light violet energy. When it is fully opened, it gives us the power to see others' thoughts and detect emotions and energies. When it is closed, it adds to our delusion, locking us into the lower three energy centers. In fact, the majority of people today live out of the first two chakras, never really fulfilling the promise of the upper five, let alone the three above the heart. Many feel a tingling in the forehead when focusing on the third-eye. You may not feel anything at first, continue to focus until you have a clear vision of the chakra in your mind.

At the crown of your head, imagine each pure color blending into the dark purple, and becoming pure white light. Let the light surround you and let energy flow...

Finally, move up to the crown chakra, the place of unity with a higher power or with our higher selves. Deep purple with bright white are the appropriate colors for this chakra. Bright white light is actually wonderful for every energy center, and can be added to any color for greater cleansing and balance. At the crown of your head, imagine each pure color blending into the dark purple, and becoming pure white light. Let the light surround you and let energy flow from the feet through the top of the head and out to embrace the universe.

Lie still for as long as you need to before ending your meditation. You should feel calm and blissful. In the days and weeks to follow, feel free to visit any individual chakras, customizing your concentration and effort toward the centers where you are in most need of balance. Be sure to take the peace and love you find on your meditation mat out into the world and share it others.

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