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Eastern medicine such as TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic Medicine) suggest that cleansing during the transitions of seasons is crucial. Ayurveda points out that the windows of transition, the natural progression from one season to another is September (from summer to fall), January (from winter to spring) and May (from spring to summer.) If you're not able to do all 3 then at least the spring time is the best time.


Vata predominant types should fast the least and in a very controlled but delicate manner. They should least likely go without substantial substance, otherwise they can throw their nervous system out of balance and bring on imbalances quicker. Vata types need grounding substances. Anything that is light, since they are already light, being that they possess air and space elements, would further perpetuate their cycles of imbalances. Just juicing isn't good enough and can cause damage in the long run.  Pitta predominant types should usually refer to type of mono diet and not rely on just juicing or fasting. This is because their digestive fires are generally strong and if you give a twig to a fire that is roaring the fire will not feel fed.  Kapha types benefit from a lightening diet. Therefore, vegan, raw, juicing and complete fasting is ideal for these types. In doing so, you can help engage their digestive fires better and invite their metabolism to turn on again.

What's happening:

IMPORTANTLY, with any fasting/detoxing/cleansing, the process should be done when you're able to take time off and away from the typical worldly responsibilities. This is crucial in Ayurvedic medicine because by not doing so you throw off digestion. Normally, when we are in the world and upholding our responsibilities we are putting energy out. Fasting etc. takes us inward. If we are focusing outside still as we are trying to cleanse inwardly then the benefits are short-term, and this may be why people feel more inclined to fasting/cleansing/detoxing regularly because some part of their inner guidance is saying that it wasn't done "right" before and there's more to be done. If we are focused by withdrawing and taking the time to attend to ourselves and less to worldly matters then our digestion will work optimally. It's like eating while watching TV. When you're asking your body to do two things at once, something as crucial as digesting nutrients, your body has a split and this is where stress is created.

Furthermore, digestion is an inward process and if you're out and about then you reduce its effectiveness and toxins are created instead of cleansed completely, so you're cleaning out some and adding in some. For a full cleanse/detox, this is why many go away and feel the benefits sticking longer. Also, when you're cleansed then entering back into the world is important and we must consider what we start introducing our bodies to. When our bodies or more "cleaned out" we are more sensitive to what comes back in. This increased sensitivity can be good in many ways as it increases awareness and consciousness with the quality of foods ingested. Yet, if we just go back to eating how we were before then we are more likely to compromise ourselves and our health faster. Ayurveda says that the gem in our lives, beyond any materialistic gain, is our health. Ayurveda says "health is wealth and if we have health then we are the richest person in life."

How are you safeguarding your health?

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February 24, 2017

It was my pleasure to use it. Thanks for sharing it Jai! :)

Jai Johnson
Jai Johnson

February 24, 2017

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—Jai Johnson, Photographer

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