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YfM's Yoga for Veterans Program - Now Enrolling

If you are a veteran or active duty military from any country and would like to be considered for free access to our program, please hang out this page for 10 seconds and you'll get the chance to sign up.

Why Yoga for Veterans?

Over 2.3 million veterans have recently returned from Iraq and Afghanistan. Of these, more than 20% suffer from PTSD, and many more suffer from TBI and other ailments that are not easily treatable. Not to mention that simply coming home can be a challenge in itself.

You probably already know that medication and traditional treatments have provided only limited success in helping veterans, and it's a heartbreaking fact that veterans are now taking their own lives at a rate of 22 per day. 

The good news is that many veterans have found profound relief through the practice of yoga, meditation, and mindfulness.

  • Designed specifically for veterans
  • Specialized yoga, meditation, and mindfulness classes for veterans
  • Unlimited access to all YfM's video content

Our expert instructors are passionate about helping vererans get the most out of their journey home. Our program is available to any vet who is physically capable of safely performing the classes they choose to take, and is open to vets and active or retired military personnel of any age and any gender.

Vets, want free yoga streaming for a year and to help other vets access the therapeutic benefits of yoga?
Warrior Pose

Yoga for Men is working with the University of South Florida in a formal study entitled the Prospective Cohort Research Study of Yoga and Mindfulness for Psychological and Physical Well-Being about the benefits of yoga, meditation, and mindfulness provide for vets. This study has the potential to provide assistance to all vets, so your participation is itself a contribution to the well-being of your fellow veterans.

If you qualify for participation in the study, you'll receive a Yoga for Men's veteran's membership at no charge, and you'll be asked to provide some extra information to the USF researchers through our proprietary encrypted communications technology.

To participate in the study, simply click the link below to submit your information. Someone from the study will contact you soon to discuss your application.

Apply to Participate in Study

If you are an individual or represent an organization that wants to make a substantial difference to the lives of those who have served our country, this is your chance to take profound and effective action.

Your donation will give vets access to our program at no cost to them.

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Teaching Yoga for Veterans

If you are interested in teaching yoga for veterans, may we suggest that you begin with Best Practices for Yoga with Veterans (Volume 2), by The Yoga Service Council and Edited by Carol Horton.