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Yoga for Athletes is not a more athletic yoga practice

Athletes don’t need a more strenuous workout, they need the specific benefits that yoga can provide. That’s why YfM has developed our Yoga for Athletes program, based on years of experience working with elite professional athletes.

Our program will help you:

  • Increase mobility
  • Develop increased body awareness
  • Enhance focus on and off the field
  • Find the zone and stay there
  • Recover post-game and post-workout
  • Prevent and recover from injuries
  • Increase career longevity
  • Enhance post-career health and wellness


The Real Deal

YfM’s Yoga for Athletes instructors have a long history of working with top-tier professional athletes, and now we’re ready to share that expertise with you. Some of our teachers are former pro athletes, and current pro athletes are already taking advantage of our online YfA program. Here’s why they do:

Stay in the Game

The foundation of YfM’s Yoga for Athletes program is injury prevention and recovery. Avoid injury, recover when they do happen, and establish a deeper mind-body connection in the process.

Find the zone and stay there

Yoga for athletes isn’t about pushing your body. It’s about enhancing your focus on and off the field. Access the zone at will through our yoga program developed by experts for pro athletes.

Keep playing longer, on and off the field

We all want our careers to last as long as they can. Yoga can help with that in several ways. But once we do leave the field, we want to be able to enjoy life to the fullest. You won’t believe yoga’s ability to help find manage old aches and pains and keep you living life to the fullest.

Get the Mind-Body Advantage the Pros Swear By

Get Started Now

Get exactly what you need from every class

Start simple and quickly discover benefits you never imagined.

  • Regain mobility from nagging injuries and overuse
  • Decrease and manage pain without medication
  • Increase strength, endurance and overall performance
  • Prevent future injuries
  • Access online classes at any time, from anywhere

Study with instructors who understand you

Yoga for Men’s instructors work alongside elite, professional athletes, helping them enhance their performance through a regular yoga practice.

Practice on your time, at your own pace, and find out what your game’s been missing.