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Support Yoga for Veterans

Yoga for Men is requesting financial support for the joint endeavor between Yoga for Men LLC (YfM) and The University of South Florida – College of Public Health (USF-COPH), in their efforts to conduct the groundbreaking study entitled, Prospective Cohort Study of Yoga and Mindfulness for Psychological and Physical Wellness. The conduct of the study will be registered at Clinical Trials.gov (www.clinicaltrials.gov). 

YfM has developed a unique on-line program that has the potential to provide proven benefits to veterans and active duty military personnel at a cost that is substantially lower than other available options. The modalities employed in the YfM program have already been proven to be effective in a wide range of studies, and similar on-line methods of delivery have also shown promise in their ability to produce more positive results than traditional methods. 

The funds donated to will be used to sponsor subscriptions so that veterans and active duty military personnel will have access to the program free of charge, as well as to support the University of South Florida College of Public Health in the conduct of the study.

YfM Yoga for Veterans Study Partners

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