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Douglas Warner | Warner Healing Guidance

Doug Warner - Warner Healing Guidance | Yoga for Men

Yoga and Meditation teacher, and Holistic Body Worker and teacher for over 22 years, Douglas Warner is the Founder of Warner Healing Guidance LLC. Douglas is also the creator of The P.A.T.H. - a simple, four-step meditative process designed to rapidly resolve and prevent constant stress.

Douglas teaches The P.A.T.H. (Pause, Assess, Take Action, Heal) process in weekly Yoga classes, workshops, public speaking engagements and on hisYouTube channel.

Over 22 years ago, after 11 years of service as an US Army Intelligence Officer  overseas, Douglas found himself in state of destructive, constantly escalating stress. The stress was ruining his health, marriage and his career.  He made a pivot in his life and left the military to begin his journey back to balance through Holistic Body Work, Yoga and Meditation.

I feel that someone in crisis with crippling stress doesn't need to spend 20 years consulting with experts and gurus to get immediate relief and resolution. The P.A.T.H. begins to work immediately”.

Doug Warner - Warner Healing Guidance“So much of what is offered for stress is too buried in medical jargon, too complicated to follow, or is too philosophical or mysticalThe distilled wisdom of my years of study and teaching are now offered in The P.A.T.H. which is my response to a clear and present need in our world culture for stress healing. I took what I learned and worked for me, and translated it into language and a format digestible for 21st century learners”.

Douglas used the techniques he teaches in The P.A.T.H. to heal his own stress and that of hundreds of his students. He has taught hundreds of Yoga teachers in their certification programs, medical professionals, military personnel, and those in the corporate world with life-changing results.

You can find out more about Douglas and Warner Healing Guidance on his Facebook page.

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