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Online Yoga Videos, Meditation, Tai Chi, and more

There is a new level of vitality within your reach. YfM.tv's expert instructors bring yoga, meditation, mindfulness, Tai Chi, and other classes into your home, or wherever you are, 24 hours a day. 

With classes ranging from adaptive chair yoga through advanced power yoga, whatever you need, it's probably here. YfM.tv also features specialized Yoga for Veterans classes and a Yoga for Athletes collection featuring professional athletes and the teachers who teach them.

And it's just not yoga. You'll find a wide range of meditation and mindfulness, plus the entire 64-movement Yang family Tai Chi form taught by 40-year practitioner David Wong Yee, all included in this subscription.

A small sampling of what you'll encounter:

Your practice belongs to you

Your own Time - Take classes when it fits your schedule, not someone else's.

Your own Place - Take classes in your own setting, wherever you happen to be.

Your own Pace - Pause, rewind, skip, or repeat any part of any class.

YfM.tv meets you where you are. No matter what your experience level, you'll be surprised how quickly you improve when you have expert instructors ready to guide you, any time, anywhere, especially with the ability to go back and catch what you missed or repeat a certain section until you've mastered it. We love practicing with other people, but you just don't get that flexibility in a live class.

Hit the mat with therapeutic yoga, guided meditation, yoga for relaxation, couples yoga, and flows that get you moving.