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Yoga for Men - YfM - began with a simple mission: to get more men on the mat.

But our mission quickly expanded to one of making yoga, meditation, and mindfulness accessible to everyone, regardless of age, gender, mobility level, or location.

We use our video platform to deliver yoga, meditation, and mindfulness into the lives of people no matter where they are, through both our public subscription service and our healthcare platform, which incorporates HIPAA-compliant communications and connects doctors, clinicians, and researchers with patients.

We also sell what we feel are the finest men's yoga clothes on Earth,  Bhujang Style. The clothing is made in the USA from eco-friendly, proprietary fabric. 

Bhujang Style clothing joins other responsibly-manufactured, high-performance yoga gear on YogaForMen.com. 

Our passion for yoga flows into all aspects of our business. Genuine care for the environment, for our employees and contractors, and, of course, our customers: these are all the expression of our yoga. 

Yoga for Men is an LLC based in St. Petersburg, Florida, where we not only enjoy an average of 316 days of sunshine per year but also hold the Guinness World Record for consecutive sunny days at 768.

St. Petersburg is a great place to be innovative. The first commercial airline flight departed here on January 1st, 1914, we had the first water reclamation system in the nation, and we burn our trash for power. St. Petersburg also happens to be a waterfront paradise, with 23 blocks of waterfront parks. 

The locations of some of our recent customers: