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Yogathon Charitable Event, November 8, 2014

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We often get a lot of interesting emails here at Yoga for Men, but this is one we thought we'd like to share with you...Chris Eder is a great friend of Yoga for Men and he runs (and makes them as well) the websiteMala for Vets. Chris recently gave a talk on Yoga and PTSD and the video of that follows below. He will also be teaching Yogathon on November 8th to help benefit American Military Veterans.



I am hosting a Veterans (Day) Yogathon Nov 8th to raise money to send Vets to Yoga Teacher Training. Last year I was able to raise enough to send one Vet to a 200YTT and one Vet to one of Mindful Yoga Therapy's 15hr training. I am hoping to double that this year. Looking to raise $6k.

Mindful Yoga Therapy is a 501(c)3 non-profit and is the yoga arm for the Give Back Yoga Foundation. MYT is dedicated to helping Veterans find a calm and steady body/mind to continue productive and peaceful lives through the support of the mindful practices of yoga and education. We do this though in-resident VA programs as wells as by offering free Yoga for Vets classes across the nation. We have hundreds of trained yoga instructors who donate their time to provide yoga...free of charge to our Warriors.



It has been my mission over the past two years to start raising money to send Veterans to yoga training. I am a 24-year Air Force Vet and yoga instructor. I know how invaluable my yoga practice is. I also know that there are several barriers when trying to connect with Veterans through yoga. I know first hand, that the fact I am a Veteran breaks down those barriers and puts Veterans who might have been anxious or doubtful...at ease and willing.

Here is a link to the Facebook Event.




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