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Fasting during this weather/this time of year is not ideal according to Ayurveda. It's like walking into the middle of the woods while it's snowing and all of your clothing is quickly removed. Similarly, during the thick of winter the digestive fire must be maintained and the nervous system must be balanced, but isn't done so when food relative to the season is taken out of or prevented from going into the body. There are modifications made according to constitution which shouldn't be taken lightly and should be understood accordingly, based on Ayurvedic practices.

Who Should Fast?

Not everyone should fast and it's "how" the fast should be implemented, "geographic location" plays a role and "for who" that really proves to be the most effective. We tend to say that the number one killer is stress. In Ayurveda, this translates to Vata imbalances can cause disease formation. Vata governs the nervous system. The CNS to be specific is what Vata rules. Hence, stressing the body with the wrong foods at the wrong time increases our chances of ill health, if not now, then later on.

Specific constitutions have specific digestive and neurological needs that should be accounted for, especially relative to the season, time of day and age.

It's only a matter of time. Ayurveda says that disease is based on cause an effect and we have to learn the root cause to prevent or to alleviate the issue at hand. Fasting in and of itself isn't wrong, but wrong use of this knowledge is where the challenge remains. Specific constitutions have specific digestive and neurological needs that should be accounted for, especially relative to the season, time of day and age. With Eastern medicine there is NO one size fits all, we tend to leave that more for the model of western medicine (seeing how far that has gone.)

Not all fasts are created equal, nor should they be. I remember my first teacher of Ayurveda who was/is a master commented on this regularly, saying" that it has become a fad for people to fast so much, especially in the yoga community, but then go back to eating what they were eating before in between, what's the point?"

When Should I Fast and How Often?

Furthermore, he would say "that if you found yourself detoxing/fasting on a regular basis then what are you adding to your body that would cause you to have to clean over and over again so often?" Generally, according to TCM and Ayurveda we should mainly detox during the appropriate seasonal transitions and/or at least twice a year beginning with spring - which is the natural time nature detoxes - and end of summer/beginning of fall. Food for thought.

Any questions, or inquiries please feel free to inbox me. Please keep in mind that this a generalization according to Ayurveda and there are specific cases that fall into its own category that meet the criteria for fasting, BUT even then Ayurveda suggests supervision of an authority of sorts over such cases to ensure a fruitful outcome.

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