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May 03, 2017 3 Translation missing: en.blogs.article.read_time

 How to Take Your Yoga Practice Off the Mat

While yoga forms, poses and styles are learned in the studio or at home, the lifestyle it provides can be taken anywhere. Yoga and its focus on spirituality and philosophy have been around for centuries. However, its core principles have been clouded in modern society and yoga has been converted for some people into just a form of fitness. While it's a great tool to get in shape and improve your all-around health, it's such a waste to simply leave your yoga practice in the studio or "on the mat."

 If you feel tense, stressed or negative in any way, you can use what you learned with yoga to ease or relieve your suffering. Yoga is a lifestyle; it helps students to compose themselves and to deal with situations from a perspective of love, compassion and understanding for others. Yoga is such a peaceful activity and adopting the mindset and ideas behind it can bring significant benefits to other areas of our lives.


Use Yoga Off The Mat

 In life, sometimes we feel stretched out, like we're being pushed and pulled in all directions. How can yoga alleviate this feeling of being in constant demand? It’s easy, think about when you're performing your asanas. Sometimes you feel stretched, but what do you do? You breathe, remain calm, try to stay comfortable and relaxed, and come out of the poses feeling amazing. Relate this idea to any situation "off the mat" where you feel stretched for time, patience or anything else.

 Through deep diaphragm breathing, a cool head and understanding that things are okay and will get better, you can use the patience that yoga has taught you to deal with all situations in a healthier and more positive manner.


Surround Yourself with Positivity

 The more you practice yoga, the more addictive and beneficial it becomes. Therefore, taking your practice off the mat becomes easier when you devise a daily routine to practice yoga and read more information about it.

 For example, Yoga For Men runs a YouTube series about yoga and the yogic lifestyle called "Off The Mat." Watching these kinds of videos as often as possible will help you maintain a mindset that integrates the skills and patience you learn through yoga into your everyday life.

 There are thousands of videos on platforms such as YouTube teaching the physical and mental benefits of yoga. However, it's worth mentioning that you should use a secure connection while browsing YouTube videos, especially while on the go, as without protection you'll be vulnerable to hackers.

 Overall, yoga can help us to remain calm, positive and in control during situations normally viewed as negative. Through using the skills and patience learned via yoga, we can stay present and focused when things get tough, which helps us slow down our mind activity and prevent erratic decisions and judgments.

 Have you found that yoga has improved your ability to deal with difficult situations? We'd love to hear from you; please leave us a comment in the section below.


Cassie Phillips is a yoga fanatic and tech blogger. She enjoys practicing Kundalini yoga, as she finds that it connects her mind, body and spirit in a meaningful and effective way. She also believes that yoga should be taken everywhere with you, as it's not just something that's practiced on the mat.

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