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Jason Papalio believes in the healing power of yoga. He should. He experienced it first-hand. Today he is a talented yogi and trainer to college and professional athletes and teams, including the NY Cosmos.

Overcoming Injury Through Yoga

As a competitive athlete through out most of his life, Jason suffered numerous injuries. But it took a freak accident on the basketball court as an adult, a ruptured Achilles tendon, for him to truly understand the importance of athletic recovery. Jason discovered the power of yoga and recovery to heal his body and continue his athletic lifestyle as a weekend warrior.

Today, Jason has been practicing and studying yoga for more than fifteen years. As an athletic recovery specialist, he has merged his two life passions (sports and yoga) to help other athletes prevent the mistakes he made by putting too much stress on his body without adequate rest.

Athletic Performance and Recovery

Athletes who take recovery seriously have a distinct advantage over those who don’t. Anyone earning a living from the condition of their bodies should be doing whatever they can to remain in optimal form for as long as possible. But many athletes believe that that goal must be accomplished by training or even overtraining to the point of exhaustion, opening themselves up to injury and fatigue by not recovering enough.

Maximize Your Recovery to Maximize Your Potential

Jason has developed a system to help elite athletes gain (and retain) a competitive edge in their sport. His hundreds of clients, from Professional Athletes and Division 1 College/University Teams to High School Elite and Weekend Warriors, work with Jason to train their minds and bodies to achieve greatness both on and off the field or court. His clients move and react more quickly, experience less fatigue, outperform their competition, and add years to their career.

You can reach out to Jason here:

Instagram: jasonpapalio

Facebook: Jason Papalio

Twitter: jpapalio1

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