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Protein powder is a good choice for many people trying to add in some more nutrition to their diet. But it can be hard to be healthy if your special protein drink tastes a little… off. With so many formulas and flavors, the consistency and taste can change dramatically between brands. And with so many different taste preferences, it can be even harder to nail down that one perfect protein powder.

To save you time, money, and to give your poor taste buds a break, we scoured the online reviews to find the 6 best organic protein powders based on how good they taste. Why organic? For one, when going with a dairy-based powder, organic means you’re getting a hormone and antibiotic free product. And whether you choose a dairy or plant based product, you also know that your product was created without pesticides.

Orgain Organic Protein Plant-Based Powder

Sweet Vanilla Bean

This vanilla flavored protein powder is a good choice for anyone looking for a plant-based product.

  • 21 grams of protein
  • Soy and dairy free
  • Made with organic brown rice, hemp, chia and pea proteins
  • USDA-certified organic

I have tried many protein powders, preferably vegetarian/vegan, as dairy protein isn't for me, and I absolutely think this one is phenomenal! The taste is so delicious and creamy, which I think is very hard to find in plant based proteins.”

Check out theCreamy Chocolate Fudge flavor too, it also had rave reviews.

Yuve Vegan Protein Powder

Raw Chia Seeds and Cocoa

Yuve was ranked as the Best Tasting Chocolate Vegan Protein Powder by PETA, and it’s the winner of the 2015 Vegnews Magazine's Veggie Awards.

  • 16g from brown rice and pea protein
  • 25+ superfoods, like Chia Seeds, in the mix
  • Soy and dairy free, and non-GMO

“This is really tasty! I am picky about things like texture and consistency, and I really liked this shake. I love the chia seeds in it. It's not too sweet, and has a nice chocolate taste.”

“First of all, I was very very impressed with the taste of this product. It is delicious! Not just for a protein/ nutritional product, but just in general. I never feel the need to add any fruits to the shake to make it taste better, as I usually do with protein powders. I just mix it with some unsweetened almond milk (and I don't normally even like the taste of almond milk, but Yuve makes it so delicious!) in my blender bottle, shake it up and I'm good to go.”



This one isn’t so much tasty as it is taste-less, meaning your drink can taste like whatever flavors you want to be into it, and not like you’re drinking a powder. The consistency is very fine (some described it as similar to corn starch) so you may need a blender for this one.

  • 26 grams of protein
  • GMO-free, Soy Free, and Gluten-Free
  • no growth hormones, no rGBH and no rBST

“It tastes just like a regular milk when I mix it with almond milk.”

“Just put 2 scoops of this, with a scoop of their PB and Chocolate, a tablespoon of coconut oil, dash of sea salt, 2 cups of water and some ice into Vitamix. Cleanest tasting protein shake I've had in my 10+ years of using protein powders. My new go to.”

More interested in drinking whey? They’vegot that too.

Vega Protein Smoothie


This plant-based powder is a little different than the others in that it’s designed to be made into a smoothie, rather than a thinner drink.

  • 15g of protein
  • 2 servings of veggies
  • Vegan, Non-GMO; and free of dairy, gluten, soy, artificial flavors and colors

“Cannot say enough about the Vega Energizing Smoothie. This one in particular (the Choc-o-lat) tastes like Chocolate Milk- REALLY.”

“I was pleasantly surprised at how delicious the chocolate flavor is - the best tasting powder I've ever had, actually.“

Raw Organic Whey Protein


With one ingredient and unflavored taste, it gives whatever you mix with it a yummy, creamy flavor.

  • 20g of protein
  • Certified USDA Organic
  • Only one ingredient: Whey

“As others have said, its delicious and oh so creamy and dreamy. When you open the package it smells of sweet cream. You can tell this is fresh and even more fresh tasting. It adds a very mild sweetness to shakes or smoothies and doesn't leave me feeling bloated.”

“I've never used protein powder before and I was skeptical about the taste, but this stuff is amazing! There is no funny aftertaste or "off" taste at all. It really has almost no taste when I mix it with milk for my breakfast.”

Tera's Whey

Dark Chocolate

Tera’s Whey is rBGH free, fair-trade, and all the ingredients are sourced from sustainable family dairy farms.

  • 20 grams of protein
  • Sweetened with Stevia

“This delicious whey powder has changed that for me. I can make a quick smoothie in the mornings with coconut milk, chocolate whey powder, instant coffee, yogurt or keffir, and ice cubes. Sometimes I add a little honey. The smoothie tastes like something you'd order at a coffee shop.”

“Love the taste of this, if you add ice, water and two scoops it tastes like a milkshake.”

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