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Yoga for Athletes 3 with Kristy Robinson and Derrick Townsel on

Instructor: Kristy Robinson | Level: Intermediate | Focus: Athletes | Type: Class instructor Kristy Robinson takes Derrick Townsel, who is himself a YfM instructor as well as a former NFL Wide Receiver, through a yoga practice designed especially for athletes. This is one class in the ongoing Yoga for Athletes series available at

Kristy teaches yoga to some of the very biggest names in pro sports, and she works as's chief Yoga for Athletes Instructor.

Derrick Townsel (@dade2shelby) turned to yoga to help improve his skills while playing pro football and has since become a rock-star yoga teacher, leading retreats and teaching classes all over the world, as well as on offers specialized yoga for athletes classes, which are not necessarily the vigorous work-out classes you might expect. Athletes tend to get plenty of heavy-duty workouts during the course of their regular training. Yoga for Athletes helps athletes at all levels develop the kind of in-the-moment focus that separates the successful from the merely talented, while at the same time helping athletes develop flexibility, speed, proprioception, and as one instructor and former soccer player put it, "a special kind of yogi strength that I didn't even know existed."

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