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Eros Sport Short - Core Active - High Compression

  • Front lined with micro mesh for added coverage
  • Inside front Jock Pocket system for extra support and comfort
  • Flat Fulflex elastic for full recovery and elasticity while retaining maximum comfort without irritation

Core Active Compression Shorts were created for active workouts. They can be used for yoga, pilates, kick boxing, martial arts, and cycling. Core Active shorts can also be used as compression underwear under your favorite loose-fitting shorts for added support.

Eros Sport slim-fit still allows for a maximum range of motion and quick recovery. Inside liner with built-in jock pocket keeps you secure during exercise.


Eight-panel construction with slim-fit delivers more compression than Eros Sport Core Vibe shorts. Straight seam panels allow for forward extension, backward reach or any other range of movement.


Breathable nylon/spandex microfiber fabric wicks moisture away from the body allowing for cooler and more comfortable workouts.


This slim-fitting compression short gives proper coverage and comfort while maintaining form and unrestricted movement.

Black with Blue Stitching