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Anatomy of the Core Workshop with David Rogge & Robert Sidoti

Anatomy and Function of the Core with David Rogge and Robert Sidoti
Saturday July 21 
11:00 a.m. - 1:30 p.m. 
The Athlete's Yoga 
11 Cabot Rd. Woburn MA 
Contact : for support
*how proper diaphragmatic breathing is essential for good core function.
* how the core affects the hips and shoulders.
* how core function influences flexibility.
* how our core stability matures with our central nervous system as babies.
* how to apply these principles to yoga
* how one can move efficiently and pain-free
David Rogge is a personal trainer and massage therapist based in Ojai CA. 
For the past six years his passion has been to help people improve function and move pain-free. He is a Certified DNS (dynamic neuromuscular stabilization) exercise practitioner, NKT level 3 ( Neurokinetic therapy), FMS (functional movement screening), AIM
Robert Sidoti is an internationally recognized yoga instructor who is also the creator and co-founder of Broga® yoga. 
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