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Bhujang Style Cobra pants are back in stock in all sizes!

by Yoga for Men December 07, 2014

Just a quick note in case you missed it on our FB page or newsletter: The Bhujang Style Cobra pant for men, the best-selling item.
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Bhujang Style pants and shorts are here!

by Yoga for Men March 11, 2014

 The Bhujang Style Cobra men's yoga pants and shorts are en route from the factory in Philadelphia to our fulfillment centers around the country..
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Yoga: The Art of Transformation, Coming to the Smithsonian

by Yoga Gear for Men February 17, 2013

 Yoga: The Art of Transformation is an exhibit of more than 120 works, from the 3rd century to the early 20th century, illustrating the history of.
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Strap it on: Using a yoga strap to get your shoulders down your back

by Yoga Gear for Men December 01, 2012

This technique, generously demonstrated by the awesome Brigita Lacovara at Shree Yoga in Taos, New Mexico, is a quick path to major bliss. Many of us live.
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Sagittarius Yoga: Set the Body Free

by Yoga Gear for Men November 27, 2012

One simple piece of advice can completely change the experience of the body and set it free from the mind's unintentional tyranny: Don't clench your.
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Why Yoga Gear for Men?

by Yoga Gear for Men October 04, 2012

We started Yoga Gear for Men for one simple reason: We wanted a quick and easy place to find yoga gear that was particularly suited.
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