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The new Yoga for men Legend Yoga Mat has landed!

by Yoga for Men August 26, 2015

Constructed from natural rubber on top for maximum cushion and stick, with an eco-fiber lining on the bottom for structure and durability, the Yoga for.
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To Headstand or Not - Yoga for Men with Mike Fecht

by Yoga for Men July 22, 2015

Mike Fecht discusses whether you may be ready for headstand in your asana practice...or not - and some preparatory exercises to get ready for it..
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Biceps and Lat work in Yoga - Yoga for Men with Mike Fecht

by Yoga for Men July 12, 2015 2 Comments

Mike Fecht of Yoga for Men discusses a reader question about getting work on your biceps and lats in a Yoga practice, and the answer.
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Downward Dog with Blocks - Yoga for Men with Mike Fecht

by Yoga for Men July 05, 2015 1 Comment

Mike Fecht explains how using blocks in Downward Dog can make the posture more accessible to men who might be tighter or less flexible. #YogaforMen.
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Yoga and Health: Take it Home

by Yoga for Men February 14, 2015

The health benefits of Yoga in general are extremely well documented, but a recent study by researchers from the University of Maryland School of Nursing and the National.
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Sagittarius Yoga: Set the Body Free

by Yoga Gear for Men November 27, 2012

One simple piece of advice can completely change the experience of the body and set it free from the mind's unintentional tyranny: Don't clench your.
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