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Strap it on: Using a yoga strap to get your shoulders down your back

December 01, 2012 2 Translation missing: en.blogs.article.read_time

Strap-on bliss

This technique, generously demonstrated by the awesome Brigita Lacovara at Shree Yoga in Taos, New Mexico, is a quick path to major bliss.

Many of us live our lives with our shoulders hunched forward and a constant tension between our shoulder blades. Some of us don't even have any idea what it feels like to not be in this condition. Well, here's our chance. And it's totally simple. All you need is 30 seconds and a yoga strap.

Besides the fact that it feels so amazingly good, this technique is particularly special to me, because the day she demonstrated this in class was the day I finally decided to launch YogaGearForMen.com. 

When Brigita gets to the part where she ties the straps together, you might notice that there isn't a whole lot of length left in the strap. When she showed this to our class for the first time, I looked around the room and noticed that many of the guys were having the same problem I was: There was no more length left in the strap after it went around my shoulders, and the ends of the strap didn't come much further than the front of my rib cage. There was no chance of actually tying the ends together, let alone moving much at all without loosing a grip on the strap.

She doesn't show it in this video, but there are a whole bunch of great possibilities for more unraveling of tension once you get the strap in position, but in order to move between the various poses, you need some extra length. As we moved through these blissful positions, I noticed that many of the guys in the class were having to constantly reach around and re-grab the strap, and after class one guy even asked the whole group if anyone knew where we could buy longer yoga straps, but nobody had a quick answer. 

The inspiration for YogaGearForMen.com had been brewing for a while, but this really pushed me over the edge. Even though the number of men doing yoga is steadily growing, there isn't that much quality gear for men, and most of the big players just don't stock the mats, straps, towels, and other gear that does exist for men, at least not in any range of colors. And yoga clothes for men? Forget about it. 

That's why YGFM is here. We search the world for high-quaility gear and clothes for men, and we provide a simple, safe, and dependable way to for you to buy it at the lowest possible prices. We're always looking for more great yoga stuff for men, so if you know of anything that your fellow yogis would enjoy, please let us know.

For us here at YogaGearForMen.com, it's also particularly special, because the day she demonstrated this was the day we finally decided to launch this site. 

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