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Tim Glover, 51At Yoga for Men, we believe that YOGA is for everyBODY. Big, small, short, tall and all colors in between. One important thing that yoga can teach a person is that the more time one spends practicing yoga, the more one begins to realize that we’re really all the same. We’re all just people going through our lives ultimately seeking happiness in one way or another despite how we identify ourselves (labels and attachments). So whatever stage in life you’re at, and no matter your skill level, the goal of union somehow is unchanging.

That being said, we thought that it would be nice to follow up our well-received photo gallery post of male yogis by photographer Amy Goalen with a post that features the more mature yogi (actually we were asked by a fan on our Facebook page). We posted a request on our Facebook page for men 40+ to send in pics of themselves practicing asana and we received a lot of emails with some terrific pictures.

We chose a handful of the ones that what we thought were the cream of the crop and you’ll find them below. But we got so many good entries that we’ll probably have to do a part 2. Thanks to everyone in the community who contributed.

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